Minimalist Design a luxury trend.


Less is more is the essence of minimalism design. Designers express only the most essential and necessary elements of a product or subject by getting rid of any excessive and unnecessary components and features. Therefore minimalist design trend has influenced how we decorate our interior spaces for maximum comfort, function and aesthetics.

Many buildings, monuments, and structures that you’ve seen have been inspired by the minimalist design trend, whether you know it or not. Today’s architecture in many cities have chosen a minimal design in order to get a futuristic look.

Discover and enjoy some pieces of our minimalist collection by MDF Italia and their renowned designers.

Living room - Sofas - coffee tables

Simple, tasteful and timeless. The furniture that embodies the understated style and adds refinement to any room.

Living room - sofas - coffee tables

Minimal interference to the amazing views. Allow the surrounding space to flow freely.

living room - sofas - coffee tables

Let your personality shine through the clean lines for maximum impact.

Dining room - tables - chairs
living room - bookcases
dining room - tables - dining armchairs
living room - armchairs - sideboards

Modern minimalist furniture conveys the architectural rather than the decorative.

Dining tables - dining armchairs - sideboard

Form and function draw the eye in a sophisticated design aesthetic.

Dining tables - S TABLE
Living room - Wall Units
Dining tables - tables

Clean lines and shapes that provide a peaceful oasis to the busy world outside.

Dining room - tables

Quality over quantity. Strip out all the unnecessary in a curated simplicity.

Home Office desks
Bedroom - beds - ottomans

Distinctive materials become the base from which the pared-down designs spring forth.

Living room - armchairs - sideboards
living room - wall units

Bold, distinctive forms showcase architectural purity, simple lines, and clean silhouettes.

Living room  - wall units - bookcases
Living room - sofas - Wall units and bookcases
Living room - sofas - coffee tables - Wall units and bookcases
Dining room - tables - Wall units and bookcases
Outdoor - Tables
Outdoor - tables - dining armchairs
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