What could the design of a storage cabinet be like today? this is the question driade lab, driade's observatory on contemporary lifestyles, asked itself when it started to research into this project.

The result was ziqqurat: a cabinet made up of different boxes that can be piled up to create everchanging forms. this system, constructive in all respects., can be used to create arrangements of three different sizes depending on the space available.

The project's source of inspiration, ancient egyptian pyramids, is no random choice: it is such a strong theme that it even gave its name to the cabinet.

Characteristics Cabinets in bi-laminate. flower or striped pattern made by digital printing. inner parts in black laminate. elements with doors and removable inner shelf. drawers with shock absorbing closing system.

Ground supports are made of mdf veneered canaletto walnut with glossy finish for flower version or made of glossy black lacquered mdf for other versions. the single boxes are available with the following decorations: box w. 94,4" with white and black stripes decoration, box w.70,8" with white and red stripes decoration and box w. 47,2" with black and white decoration.

Indoor use only.


w. 246/96,8" d.53/20,8" h.200/78,7";

w.186/73,2" d.43/16,9" h.155/61";

w. 246/96,8" d.53/20,8" h.95/37,4"

Designer: Driadelab. ----- [ DRIADE ]

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